Band of Angels

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BAND OF ANGELS is published by Atlantic Press (London), and Overlook Press (New York).

Most people are surprised to learn how important women were to Christianity’s first phase of growth.  Band of Angels is a journey through a fascinating and  unexpected world, a vision of early Christianity through the eyes of ancient families – and the women who held them together.

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Band of Angels is the best kind of popular history’ – Lucy Winkett, The New Statesman

‘Cooper’s strength is her combination of an ancient historian’s eye for detail with a storyteller’s narrative skill … a fine piece of detective work.’ – Catherine Pepinster, The Independent

‘Exhilarating’ – Peter Hegarty, The Irish Catholic

Band of Angels succeeds triumphantly’ – Peter Heather, BBC History Extra

‘Personal, fresh, and timely’ – Averil Cameron, The Tablet

‘Engagingly written, beautifully produced … informative, and thought-provoking’ – Loveday Alexander, Church Times

‘Cooper has written a highly readable and important work … She wears her evident scholarship lightly, but the text is suffused with personal, imaginative and emotional perspectives.’ – John Cornwell, The Telegraph

‘Cooper writes accessibly and engagingly, all the time making the reader acutely aware of the role that storytelling played in the early church, looking both at the people telling the stories and those to whom they were telling them, exploring the intentions behind the stories and the lessons they were meant to teach.’ – Natasha Tripney, The Guardian

‘A distinguished ancient historian’s elegant study of the extraordinary women who helped lay the foundations of the early Christian church.’ – Kirkus Review

Band of Angels is illuminating, surprising and will let readers into a world they thought they knew but really didn’t.’ – Selina O’Grady, Literary Review

‘I don’t quite know another book like this one….Cooper has presented us with a wide-ranging, informative study. I admire her learning and her guidance, and she knows how to lead an audience.’ – Greg Carey, The Huffington Post

‘It’s Cooper’s individual genius — her particular familiarity with sources gained over years of research — that allows her imaginatively to cross-reference texts …. For all that academic scaffolding, Band of Angels is not a dry work but a pacy tale of heroines, martyrs, virgins, mothers and sisters. The narrative rarely slackens and manages the tricky task of slipping in historical context without being an obvious lesson in ancient history.’ – Laura Keynes, Standpoint

‘This is a fascinating and original look at how early Christian women spread the word domestically, quite literally from one household to another, and from its pages a whole hitherto invisible world emerges, as if by magic.’ – The Good Book Guide



  1. […] quotes above are taken from chapter one “Looking for Chloe” in Kate Cooper’s book Band of Angels: The Forgotten World of Early Christian Women (New York: The Overlook Press, 2013) pp.1-20. The book can be purchased through Amazon […]

  2. […] anteriores son tomadas del capítulo uno “Buscando Chloe” en el libro de Kate CooperBand of Angels: El Mundo olvidado de paleocristiana Mujeres (Nueva York: The Overlook Press, 2013) pp.1-20. El libro se puede adquirir a través de Amazon […]

  3. Maggie Jones · · Reply

    I am currently doing my doctorate on Gender discrimination against women in ministry. Although the Old Testament is full of references to women in various forms of ministry, the New Testament is rather poor in references to women in ministry. I stumbled upon Band of Angels on the internet. I am however unable to get a copy of the said book. in South Africa and am also not able to download a copy from the internet. Please advise how I could get a copy of your book. Kind Regards, Maggie Jones.

    1. I’ve replied by email – many thanks for your interest in the book! With best wishes, Kate

  4. […] specified, are taken from chapter one, “Looking for Chloe”, in Kate Cooper’s book Band of Angels: The Forgotten World of Early Christian Women (New York: The Overlook Press, 2013), 1-20. The book can be purchased through Amazon […]

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