A Hundred Voices

On Monday night I had the chance to join the phone bank at Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters, where the remarkable Stephanie Yoon and a team of intrepid interns are running a non-stop phone party in favour of the US’s most qualified presidential candidate ever. I was part of a multi-generational phalanx organized by my daughter, who is one of Stephanie’s interns, and including my godmother, who is in her eighties. I was delighted to find that the phone bank ‘regulars’ working for the nation’s most controversial grandmother included not only women of every possible age and description, but a very healthy dose of enthusiastic men.

I was reaching out to registered Democrats in Colorado, to make sure they knew where and when to caucus, that they had a way to get there, and to answer any questions and log any comments. It was an exhilarating experience – I spoke to so many people that it is all a bit of a blur, but the over-all impression I received was that people were doing their best to turn up on a Tuesday evening despite massive family responsibilities: one grandmother had to organise someone to look after her own mother along with her granddaughter, but she was going to be there come hell or high water. I was thrilled by the number of men who were planning to come out for Hillary, including one whose good-bye greeting, as he hung up the phone, was ‘Stop Trump!’

One thing I hadn’t been ready for was the confessions. A poignant number of people wanted me to know that they had supported Hillary in 2008, but had then abandoned ship when Barack Obama’s star began to blaze so brightly.

For better or worse, Hillary did not win Colorado, though she turned in a marvellous performance on the day, winning seven out of eleven states. But for my own part, I’m not unhappy to see the issues Sanders has been raising stay on the table for as long as possible – and then let the two of them work together to make sure a Democrat wins the general election. May the best woman win!

* * *

You can follow Stephanie and her team on Twitter at @HillaryHQvols and @stephaniesyoon


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