Theodora & Gabbana


The Byzantine Empress Theodora, ca. AD 547, mosaic from San Vitale, Ravenna (source: Wikimedia Commons)

A ‘viral sharing’ phenomenon of recent weeks among (mostly female) historians of the ancient world has been – somewhat unusually (!) – photos of the Milan fashion collections. Thanks to the crazy-lovely Byzantine collection from Dolce & Gabbana, there have been pictures everywhere of spangled beauties wearing headdresses that haven’t been seen since the sixth century.


My own excuse for gushing about this welcome phenomenon is a post just published by the London archaeologist Dorothy King, in time for London Fashion Week – ‘Who Wore it Better? Theodora or Arnegundis?‘ – highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a chance to obsess just a little bit longer on these heavenly creatures.

Thank you, Dorothy!


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