A Forgotten World



Over the past few weeks I have been copy-editing the manuscript for BAND OF ANGELS, which is due out in the UK from Atlantic Press in early August, and in the US from Overlook Press in late September.  It has been the proverbial emotional roller-coaster: one minute you are thinking you are never going to get something right, and the next minute, you find a phrase to capture an idea that you had worried over to the point that you thought that maybe there simply were no words for that particular thought.

Once you send it off, it is like a break-up: all of a sudden your constant companion, with whom you shared the strangest tiny secrets, has left you for someone else–even if it is only the production staff at the press.

So imagine my delight when I found in my in-box the design for the dust-jacket–a promise that my beloved manuscript will come back as a real live book!

The image is drawn from Andrea dal Sarto’s Annunciation. I love the way the designer has cropped the painting to lead your eye into the background, to capture the idea of a forgotten world in the distance.

I have been thinking quite a bit about the idea of forgotten worlds lately. So much of what I read about early Christianity just doesn’t make any sense to me these days. I have spent so much energy trying to imagine my way into ancient households and how women would have thought about what they heard from their friends and family about it. There is so much we don’t know about them, but I do think I can say with certainty that they did not see things in the same way their menfolk did!


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  1. Jim Fellows · · Reply

    That’s a great painting on the cover, and I really enjoyed the thoughtful reflections you shared. I have to take a closer look at all if his work! Your cover designer must also be an angel.

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