TORCH - A Child's Sleeve

During 2014-15 the Oxford Centre for Research in the Humanities is sponsoring a project on Objects of Love with the Ashmolean Museum, and as part of it teaching curator Senta German and I have been hosting behind-the-scenes sessions to discover how objects from the Museum’s ancient Mediterranean collections can shed light on the human relationships between people in […]

Martyrdom & Terrorism Dustjacket_Fotor

One of the nicest things to arrive in the post recently: a publication copy of Martyrdom and Terrorism, the product of a collaboration among historians working on different cultures and periods, in which I took part some time ago. Two of the volume’s three sections are useful in a way that might have been predicted from the title. […]

Perugino - altarpiece-of-st-augustine-scene-john-the-tufer-and-the-st-augustine-1510_Fotor

This week sees the publication of  Religion, Security, and Global Uncertainties a report by a Research Councils UK/Global Uncertainties team on Religion, Martyrdom, and Global Uncertainties sponsored by the Open University and the Research Councils UK Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research. I’ve had the good fortune to play a small part in the project, and an earlier […]


Scholars from Sydney to Cairo converged on Manchester this week-end for heady talk about papyrus fragments. Following on the announcement earlier in the week of the newly discovered ‘last supper amulet‘, the atmosphere of the John Rylands Research Institute’s symposium, From Egypt to Manchester, Unravelling the John Rylands Papyrus Collection, was always going to be exciting. The […]

Brown & Cameron on Scottish Train_Fotor

This spring found me travelling around the country with an extra suitcase devoted to two monumental books by revered senior colleagues, as I struggled to bring to completion the two-year-long process of trying to account for two marvellously different ‘worlds of late antiquity’. I’m delighted to share here a link to the resulting review essay, published this week […]

Roberta on BBC_Fotor

There has been quite a bit of press interest in the new Christian amulet announced by my University of Manchester colleague Roberta Mazza. Congratulations, Roberta!  BBC NEWS: ANCIENT LAST SUPPER CHARM FOUND IN JOHN RYLANDS LIBRARY (along with coverage on Radio 4 and North-West Tonight) THE HUFFINGTON POST: ANCIENT CHRISTIAN CHARM FROM THE 6TH CENTURY DISCOVERED IN […]

Scheffer Augustine & Monnica - from Wikipedia_Fotor

For most of us, late August carries with it a vestigial thought of summer’s end and the beginning of the academic year – all the more so for students and teachers, or parents and children. But for the medieval Chuch, the 27th of August was the day for remembering Saint Monnica (d. 388), whose son Augustine would […]


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